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Dr.N. Ramakrishnan


“Over the past year, we have gradually improved the awareness about sleep problems not only amongst the general public but also in the medical community. Several patients have benefited from treatment at Nithra, and I feel it’s important for them to help spread the message. Most of us hesitate to talk about our sleep problems and are particularly embarrassed if we snore or feel sleepy at all times. These problems can lead to reduced efficiency at work and work-related or motor vehicle accidents. If untreated, this could also lead to complications like heart diseases, stroke, and high blood pressure.”

Our Blog

We regularly post updates on our clinic, the world of sleep sciences, and helpful tips to get a good night’s sleep. If you feel like the quality of your sleep hasn’t been enough lately, our blog is an excellent place to start to educate yourself on how to get more sleep before you come to us.

Our publications

Thookam book

Prachanaigal theervugal – describes what a healthy sleep is, explains sleep problems, its diagnosis and treatment. This book helps to guide to get peaceful sleep.

ICU ulle nadappathu enna?

The book which comprehensively explains what happens inside Intensive Care Unit.

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Please stay connected with our patient support group

This support group was started primarily because of some patients and their family members who benefited from our treatment. These members were keen on spreading the message to others by providing a forum for anyone to freely and confidentially discuss sleep-related problems, which they or their family members and friends experience.

Disclaimer: So, if you or any of your loved ones are troubled by sleeplessness, snoring, excessive sleepiness or fatigue during the day, abnormal behavior during sleep, or if you feel that you are dependent on medications to sleep, it may be a good idea to stop by and get some answers from each other and from sleep professionals who participate in this support group.